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Fight Club

with Art of Darkness Pod

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Navigating the Digital World Through Art and Culture
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Season 2 begins with Brad and Kevin from Art of Darkness podcast discussing Fight Club. Part one we discuss the cultural impact of the film, and in part two we discuss the themes and meaning of the film. We also compare it to the book and even bring up American Psycho at the very end, a movie that must be watched in conjunction with Fight Club to get an idea of where the zeitgeist was at the time and where its got since then. This episode draws heavily from three essays I wrote on the film that you should read to get an idea where we’re coming from.

In “Overcoding Culture” I discuss the way the woke retcon history and culture to make it look their agenda has always been reality

In “Fight Club” I do a Freudian read on the film, which I intended to supersede with a Nietzschean read in a later essay, however I deliver that in part two of this episode. This is certainly a Nietzshcean, and not a Freudian story

In “Snowflakes” I discuss several erroneous, woke reads of the film and prove how the woke are trying to reappropriate it for their ideology.

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