Mar 11, 2022

Zero HP Lovecraft

Passage Prize early release

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I had the honor of interviewing three of the four passage prize judges - Zero HP Lovecraft, Curtis Yarvin, and Gio Panichietti - and am currently working on scheduling a show with the fourth, Ben Braddock. While the official release of this podcast was not supposed to be until the end of March or beginning of April, I’ve decided to release the three interviews I have over the course of the next week and hopefully, by the time they are out, I will have recorded with Ben Braddock.

Zero had slight interference with his audio in the first half, but I’m sure you’re more than willing to listen through, it’s always a privilege to hear zero talk about ideas and literature, as he does here, and he talks about the passage prize a bit in the very beginning.

So if you follow me on twitter when I release these, consider yourself given a window into the things to come with this podcast, and thank you for subscribing.

PS if you like the beats they are made by my good friend Zantae. Follow him on twitter @edenicjesus

Also me and zero discuss: