Oct 23, 2022 • 2HR 1M

New Write Podcast

with Dan Baltic and Matt Pegas

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Matt and Dan are the hosts of the best podcasts on the underground literary renaissance that’s thriving right now, but they’ve both written their own books. Matts is “Dragon Day,” and Dans is “Nutcrankr,” both published by TerrorHouse Press. I’ve read them, and they’re excellent. Today we discuss the books at length, and the conversation becomes a discussion of literature and film in general, covering everything from Taxi Driver and Dead Poets Society to Confederacy of Dunces, Don Quixote, and David Foster Wallace. Literary listeners will enjoy!

Also, where I say I unrequited love between Travis Bickle and Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver, I meant Travis Bickle and the Sibyl Shepherd character.

Listen to their pod here

And buy their books here (Dans book should be out on the 28th of October)