Awesome episode. I believe Agalloch broke up a few years before Haughm's edgy Facebook posts but luckily they have recently reunited to play some live shows.

It's great to see how there is now a growing cultural/artistic scene dealing with the important topics of our day. Astral, I have a black/folk metal band, so I resonated with a lot of your musical takes in this episode.

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Enlivening sentiments! This sort of cultural analysis is crucial to the development of a new culture. The fine distinctions about where and how "politics" and art should interact we elucidated. We cannot cut ourselves off from all art that doesn't align with our program; instead we should be able to integrate the elements that work and discard the rest. Curation is the general art of life--a great sifting. Hence the Passage project.

I also appreciate the search for what "passions" drive artists forward. These energies cannot be denied, but their manifestations can be critiqued. Keep it up gentlemen!

PS. And thank you for talking about painting/visual art! I know this is not Astral's specialty, but of course he has good takes when an expert can break down some fine distinctions.

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