Jun 17, 2022

Darryl Cooper

Spree Shooters, Spengler, Cormac McCarthy, Nietzsche, and more

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Welcome to a very special episode of the Astral Flight Simulation. I had the privilege and pleasure to sit down for two hours and talk with one of the two or three best podcasters on the planet right now: Darryl Cooper of the Martyrmade Podcast. As I say on the show, he and I are old internet buddies, and he played an instrumental role in the development of my political and psychoanalytic analysis of our contemporary world, directly introducing me to the work of Oswald Spengler, along with several other thinkers I reference frequently on this show (Jung in particular).

As a podcaster of history, I like to think this episode brings something very unique to his body of work, for we spend the majority of the episode discussing the psychological and archetypical significance of the spree shooter. I guarantee you if you know Darryl through the exemplary work he does on his pod, you’ve never heard him talk quite like this. However smart and insightful you think he is, he’s even more than that.

In part two he explains what the Spenglerian Caesar figure is and the historical conditions that lead to his emergence, and we end on his impression of the capstone of Cormac McCarthys ouevre, The Road.

I hope I can be forgiven for talking so much, but I hadn’t spoken to Darryl in a few years and his insight into the contemporary world of wanton public violence got my mind firing on all cylinders and I hope some day the two of get the chance to follow this discussion up.

Thank you for listening