Apr 21

Curtis Yarvin

Discussing the Passage Prize and his article "Monarchism and Fascism Today"

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Apparently the fifteenth anniversary of the first Unqualified Reservations post is nigh! No better time to bring to you Curtis Yarvin, who needs no introduction, though he has my endless admiration and gratitude. Stay tuned here to my blog, I have an extended essay in progress about Neoreaction and Acceleration in the works. In the meantime enjoy this very fun and - as always - enlightening discussion. Suffice it to say, I felt like Chris Farley interviewing Bruce Willis and you can hear it in my voice in the beginning. We discuss the excellent Grey Mirror Article and the passage prize, which you can find here:

Gray Mirror
Monarchism and fascism today
[Here is a transcript from memory of an improvised lecture delivered with a bullhorn on top of a green picnic table in Plummer Park, West Hollywood, December 12, 2021. Large dogs patrolled the skirts of the crowd as I spoke, protecting us from the local ruffians, actors and transsexuals—a test of strength and vitality in Sodom’s rotting, delicious Calif…
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and the passage prize winners with a little write up here:

Imperial Melodies
Passage Prize winners, 2022
Out of hundreds of submissions to the Passage Prize, a solid double-digit number of them could be described as “good” and still a double-digit number as “excellent.” Because I felt bad about silently rejecting the amount of work I saw here, I actually…
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And here is a guest essay by a friend, expanding quite a lot on one of the claims in the Grey Mirror essay

Astral Flight Simulation
An Army of One
When I tweeted out Yarvins essay “Monarchism and Fascism Today” my mutual @nathanielF_105D made a series of very compelling comments in reference to the article. So compelling, in fact, that I asked him to write a guest essay. If you’ve read the Yarvin article and you wonder why he says Fascism of the 20-40’s is not going to happen…
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