Raskolnikov and Zarathustra
Curtis YarvinListen now (101 min) | Curtis joins us again to discuss the first ever official publication of his first blog Unqualified Reservations, Volume 1, by…
Bitcoin, Astrology, and the Age of AquariusListen now (121 min) | Bitcoin in context of historical epoch and the coming age
Spengler in ContextListen now (99 min) | Today I introduce two impressive thinkers and speakers who share their in depth, comprehensive knowledge on Oswald Spengler, one…
Lomez and Passage PressListen now (106 min) | Isaac Simpson special guest appearance
Decline of Art part 2Listen now (86 min) | With Brendan Heard
The abnormal psychology of the digital age
Greetings Spandrell, and thank you for taking the time to discuss your ideas and answer a few questions. This conversation was initiated by a discussion…
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Astral Flight Simulation